KANSAS CITY, Missouri – September 13, 2019 – Liquid Logics, a developer of best-in-class loan origination system software, has announced the integration of Appraisal Nation into their NOVA loan management software (LMS). 

The new integration will allow lenders to order appraisals directly from the LMS with a single click and then transfer the borrower and loan information seamlessly to Appraisal Nation. This upgrade offers lenders more choices for third-party services and will streamline the origination cycle for Liquid Logic clients with the added efficiency of one-click appraisal ordering.

Appraisal Nation is a national valuation service provider, offering a variety of appraisal products for all types of loans. Their expertise as a top-tier integrated appraisal management company, and their ability to provide consistent, client-focused valuations with quick turnaround times, will further strengthen Liquid Logic’s core products. The integration will also empower lenders by providing them with the essential tools they need to be successful.

“Enabling ease of use and one-click service ordering within our network is key to completing the cycle from origination to secondary marketing and loan sales,” said Sam Kaddah, CEO of Liquid Logics. “This is a critical component to assure the value and the valuation of the loan and its collateral. Partnering with the number one appraisal service provider in the country is a testament to our market dominance and comprehensive set of services.”

Liquid Logics is a FinTech company providing next-generation, cloud-based, lending-centric CRM, Loan Origination Software (LOS), doc engine, loan servicing, draw and construction management, asset & REO management, investor management, and fund pool management primarily for private/hard money lenders. The system is built around the borrower experience with an emphasis on simplicity and speed for the Loan Officer.

Liquid Logics is passionate about helping private lenders improve their businesses by streamlining the loan process. Liquid Logics strives to make its software the best in the industry for all users, including borrowers, outside investors, and lender employees. Although loan origination software is its bread and butter, it only describes something Liquid Logics does – not who Liquid Logics is.

At its core, Liquid Logics is a business solutions company dedicated to facilitating growth, minimizing workloads, and contributing to the continued success of private lenders across the country.

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