KANSAS CITY, Missouri – August 28, 2019 – Liquid Logics, a developer of best-in-class loan origination system software, today announced a new partnership with Spiegel Accountancy Corp. The partnership allows Spiegel to perform documentary audits and help implement best accounting and reporting practices for lenders using the Liquid Logics system. 

Spiegel will also be working with the Liquid Logics development team to improve default investor reports available within the LOS system, as well as tailor customized reports to meet client demands. These upgrades will strengthen the audit and reporting function within the system and provide clients of Liquid Logics with additional confidence in the integrity of the LOS compliance component.

Spiegel Accountancy will also be tasked with assisting in the onboarding process for new clients by resolving erroneous or inconsistent data issues before transferring that data from legacy systems into the new LOS. The process should reduce redundancy and help lenders eliminate the possibility of accidentally moving corrupted data into their new system.

“We’re excited about this particular partnership since it brings in tremendous audit validation & accounting/reporting to our platform,” said Sam Kaddah, Founder and CEO of Liquid Logics. “In addition, it deepens our capability to onboard clients with legacy data from their old systems by resolving all bad/inconsistent data issues before uploading it to Liquid Logics.”

Liquid Logics also plans to work with Spiegel later this year on providing cutting-edge industry insights and analytics to their clients in an effort to keep lenders up to date on the ever-changing environment in which they operate. 

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Spiegel Accountancy Corp. is a professional accounting firm specializing in mortgage banking, private equity funds, and the small business sector. Their firm provides clients with innovative solutions to maintaining and improving corporate compliance with counterparties and regulators. Spiegel Accountancy operates as a trusted resource for clients who recognize the importance of accurate and timely regulatory compliance.

“Working with clients who are on the Liquid Logics platform is a breeze because of the ease of accessibility of accurate, real-time data,” said Beeta Lecha, Principal of Spiegel Accountancy Corp. “We’re eager to work with lenders using the platform as an extension of the Liquid Logics team.”

Liquid Logics is a FinTech company providing next-generation, cloud-based, lending-centric CRM, Loan Origination Software (LOS), doc engine, loan servicing, draw and construction management, asset & REO management, investor management, and fund pool management primarily for private/hard money lenders. The system was built around the borrower experience with an emphasis on simplicity and speed for the Loan Officer. 

Liquid Logics is passionate about helping private lenders improve their businesses by streamlining the loan process. Liquid Logics strives to make its software the best in the industry for all users, including borrowers, outside investors, and lender employees. Although loan origination software is its bread and butter, it only describes something Liquid Logics does – not who Liquid Logics is. 

At its core, Liquid Logics is a business solutions company dedicated to facilitating growth, minimizing workloads, and making private lenders the best they can be. 

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